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Top Kart USA - Tomar TD23-3 Clutch

Tomar TD23-3 Clutch

  • $34641

A 2-cycle karting clutch built to withstand the demands of endurance racing. A step up in durability for road course, endurance and oval track kart racing, the TD23-3 is designed to fit Yamaha KT100 applications. It has a low moment of inertia and an adjustable stall speed from 8,800 to 9,800 RPM to work with a wide range of setups. Utilizing three friction discs made from top quality material, the TD23-3 provides superior performance for Yamaha Senior Heavy and Supercan class racers. The TD23-3 features patented Thermal Dissipation (TD) Technology that drastically increases performance and longevity. Friction surfaces are isolated to friction discs and rotors which only see compression loads. Thus, the pressure plate can’t warp because all the clutch components are in compression. As a result, the clutch doesn’t lose surface area and won’t fade at the end of the race. This allows the dry clutch to endure unprecedented stall speeds.

  • Engineered with 3 friction discs to handle harsh endurance racing conditions
  • Perfect choice for Yamaha Sr. Heavy & Supercan classes
  • Patented TD Technology drastically increases durability & service life