PB-6 Throttle Potentiometer 0-5K Ohms


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 Product Description:
- PB-6 Style Throttle
- 4-Wire 0-5KΩ Potentiometer
- Mating Connector Available

PB-6 Specifications:
- Model: PB-6 (not original CURTIS product, made by a Chinese manufacturer)
- Stainless steel case with a built-in microswitch
- The potbox is the throttle in an EV
- The potbox tells the controller how much input needed by the controller
- The potbox's lever arm is attached to the existing accelerator cable.
- Signal output: 0-5KΩ (BI potentiometer P270-033B)
- Designed for right-hand operation
- Simple and reliable structure for tough environment
- Mating connector is included
- Dimensions: 102 mm x 60 mm x 52 mm
- Net weight: 0.35 kg (with mating connector)
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