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Dreamer KZ-125cc Chassis

  • $5,59500

Chassis Description and Specifications

The Top Kart Dreamer KZ-125cc kart chassis is like nothing before you have driven. An all out remarkable piece of equipment that is produced with the ultimate precision in manufacturing of frame and components to accommodate. This luxurious and beautiful racing machine will be sure to give you the feeling of speed and g-force you have never felt before. Pulling over 4g’s though corners while ripping gears is the most amazing sensation of driving a race car in the world. Sitting just an inch off of the ground with speeds up to 100+ mph, your dreams really do come true when you are flat out down the race track!

Chassis Tubing 30mm (32mm Front Rail)
Wheelbase 1050mm
Axle 50mm
Spindle D.25 / 10.5° x 10mm King Pin
Front Torsion Metal Torsion Bar (2 stiffness settings)
Chain Guard Flat Strip
Seat IMAF (Silver Rombo Type)
Brake System Rear Caliper Ven09 – Disc Ven11 – Complete Floating System
Front Brake System - Ven09
Wheels Magnesium 130/210
Rear Hubs

Magnesium L.110

Front Hubs

Extendable Hub Magnesium