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Bell RS7K

  • $54995


The RS7K is the karting only version (non-fire retardant interior) of the RS7. Based on the HP7 design and featuring a lightweight carbon composite shell, the RS7K uses an innovative shell and shield design to improve acoustic comfort while enhancing aerodynamic performance and energy absorbing capacities. The sleek, aerodynamic design features an advanced ventilation system with 14 intake and extraction channels that can be used with or without air intake covers. The RS7K’s double screen anti fog (DSAF) visor and rubber gasket seal ensures that water not enter the eye opening in rain conditions.



- The RS7 uses the SE07 model visor and accessories.

- Lightweight Carbon Composite Shell 

- Advanced Ventilation System with 14 Intake and Extraction Channels 

  • - Ultra Plush Grey Comfort-Max FR Interior Fabric for Improved Comfort and Superior Moisture Wicking Properties 
  • - SE07 3MM DSAF Shield (SV SE07 Pivot System) – Clear Shield 
  • - Snell K2015 Homologation