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Top Kart USA - GP.2 Youth

2014 GP.2 Youth

  • $29995

Helmet Description and Specifications

The GP.2 Youth helmet is designed for young racers who need an extra small size helmet that is fire retardant. The GP.2 Youth has the same design features as the adult GP.2 model. The GP.2 Youth is SFI 24.1 certified – the SFI 24.1 standard is accepted by various youth racing and karting organizations including the Quarter Midget Association of America (QMA).

GP.2 Youth is a fantastic choice for young racers who demand great styling, superior features, light weight and excellent fit in a smaller configuration built specifically for children and younger racers.

The helmet features removable / replaceable cheek pads for a more customized fit. The GP.2 Youth also features a front aero chin bar, a lightweight composite shell, pro-style interior neck collar for outstanding comfort, and a front air intake that forces air into the helmet's forehead vents for maximum ventilation. The .200mm GP.2 Youth clear air intake is replaceable and the helmet can be used without the air intake. The direct flow upper and lower chin bar vents on the front of the helmet help to increase airflow and prevent shield fogging.

The GP.2 Youth is fully compatible with Bell’s aerodynamic kits including top wickers gurneys, chin bar gurneys and rear spoilers designed to improve overall helmet stability. The helmet takes a 287 SRV 3MM shield and the SRV-1 pivot system. The GP.2 Youth is certified to the SFI 24.1 standard and is available in sizes 4XS (51-52) to XS (56) in metallic silver and metallic pink colors. The GP.2 Youth retails for $299.95.


Formula Style Helmet
Advanced Aerodynamic Styling
Air Intake to Maximize Forehead Ventilation
Direct Flow Chin Bar Ventilation
Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Composite Shell Technology
Standard Eyeport
Positive Seal Visor System
Available in Metallic Silver
287/3MM SRV Shield (SRV-1 Pivot System)
E-Max Plus Multi Density Liner
Pro-Plus Style Custom-Fit Interior System
Removable/Replaceable Cheek Pads
SFI 24.1 Youth Certification
Available in sizes 4XS to XS

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