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10% Off Coupon Voucher

10% Off Coupon Voucher

  • $5000

Top Kart USA - 2017 Mini Spring Kickoff Sweepstakes


What Does Purchasing The Coupon Voucher Get You?

It gets you on the list entered into the chance to win a Complete 2017 Mini Blue Eagle kart package! The Winner of the Sweepstakes also gets the package shipped / delivered for FREE.

How It Works

There will be a total maximum of 75 available opportunities to win the FREE 2017 Mini Blue Eagle Giveaway. What you have to do is purchase (1) 10% Off Coupon Voucher and we will automatically enter you into the drawing for the Giveaway! For every voucher you purchase gives you another opportunity to win. There is no limit of how many spots you can sign up for.

- Upon Checkout, in the instructions that come up in your shopping cart please enter the available numbers that you would like to have your name entered in for on the list. To view the available numbers to pick they are available here.

Checkout Instructions


- Once you complete your checkout with the number of vouchers you wish to purchase. We will then send you a follow up email with your coupon code(s) to be used on our online store on your next purchase.

Picking the Winner.

We have not set a deadline date for this contest. It will last until all of the 75 spots fill, then we will host the winner on our Facebook Page by LIVE streaming the winner. We will cut up all entry numbers 1-75 while the video is broadcasted into each individual piece and put into a box so that everyone sees 1 by 1. We will then draw a number out of the box for everyone watching to see!

We look forward to seeing your entry to try and win the FREE Kart Package!

*There are no refunds on entry vouchers for this contest.

*You may not use a discount coupon to enter another entry to the contest.